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Our Guidelines

Compliance is extremely important to us. Although we do not check to see if you meet the guidelines of a credit repair organization within your state or federal guidelines, we do assume that your company is following them.

1. Compliance

Because you are a credit repair organization, there are certain guidelines that you must follow. Not us as a processing company, but rather up to you as a credit repair organization.

2. Minimum 25 ACTIVE CLIENTS

We do require that you have a minimum of 25 active clients in your pipeline with us. If you are at an area in business where you are not, lets talk and figure out how to get you to a minimum of 25 active clients.

3. Timeframe

Every case is unique and, while we employ best practices. We cannot guarantee the deletion of negative items from your clients’ credit or the length of time such deletions may take.

Money Back Guarantee

We do, however, offer a 90-day money back guarantee: you will receive results from our disputes within 90 days or your money back.

We cannot stress enough that compliance extends both to us and to you. If we believe that a client is noncompliant with the CROA or other applicable laws (including offering CPN’s), we will not hesitate to terminate our services with that client.

If you fill out the application form below, you thereby certify that you have read, do understand, and fully agree to all of the above guidelines.

If so, we welcome you to apply for our services! Just fill out the application form below and we’ll be in touch with you soon. We look forward to helping you grow your business!